Cold Weather, Wishing for Velvet Curtains….

4 months ago
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I live in a warm state but even so we usually have a couple of months of cold weather. It’s been in the thirties for a few days and I’ve found myself looking at our great room windows, wishing I had blue velvet curtains.

I mentioned this to my mother and she enthusiastically agreed, much to my surprise, so I googled. The first image was of a velvet curtain panel in a beautiful cornflower blue that is in my rug. It is also from Ballard Designs, and is on sale. Well.

We have three sets of double windows facing southwest and get quite a lot of light in the winter. The windows are covered with plantation shutters with 3” blades and there are purely decorative curtain panels (also from Ballard, white with printed medallions in various colors of blue) hanging from short rods on both sides of each window pair. I could easily substitute the existing panels for new velvet ones for three or four months a year. The total cost would be around $1200 which you know, if you’ve ever had custom drapery made, is an incredible bargain. Each panel is on sale for $170. The curtains are lined and the corners weighted and they can be hung from the rod pocket or with rings and (included) drapery hooks.

So, questions:

  1. has anyone here switched out curtains for winter or summer? If so, was it a change you looked forward to or after the first year was it a royal pain in the you know what?
  2. Is this winter boredom or just a need to scratch the decorating itch or would the room actually be improved by them?
  3. Would your opinion change if I just discovered I have a $325 rewards certificate (yippee) that will bring the cost down to about $900?

Room with existing curtains, which I love.

Cornflower blue velvet curtains with a small linen edge at the top; the color appears to be in an agreeable shade in between the two blues in the rug in the foreground and the same color of blue in the rug adjacent to the windows:

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