Maidenhair fern questions

Lynn Nevins
4 months ago

So I've had a few maidenhair fern over the years, but eventually they decline, such that I decide to replace them. I know all the tips about care so I don't need any general care info. I do have some specific questions, however:

1) I've heard it said that you should never repot a maidenhair. If you buy a plant from a nursery or whatever, you should keep the plant in THAT pot, and not remove it from that pot. You CAN of course insert THAT (plain, plastic) pot inside a larger, decorative pot so it looks nicer...

Is this really true? And if so, is this to suggest that maidenhair never expand...never outgrow their original pots...never get root-bound like most other plants?

2) With all the Maidenhair I've had over the years, while I did pretty well with 'maintaining' them, I don't recall ever noticing New Growth. I suppose part of it could be that new maidenhair fronds aren't like most other ferns...that their emerging fronts are super, super tiny and hard to detect? I know with most other ferns, you can clearly see the amazing new fronds emerging in little curled up balls. What about for Maidenhair? Is it possible I've simply missed any new growth? Or is it possible that, for whatever reason, my plants never developed new growth, hence the plants always looking a bit stagnant...neither dying, nor thriving.

I'm debating at this point whether to simply give up on Maidenhairs and try another light and airy fern, but that I'll have more luck with. What are other ferns that might have a similar delicate look to maidenhair, but be easier to maintain?


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