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Rachel Taylor
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I've started a new discussion regarding HELP WHATS BITING ME topic. As the topic and discussion have gone on for a long time.
These invisible stinging super mites seem to be the main point and the fact few of us have any welts or marks we can be certain it's not fleas,bedbugs,body lice or scabies etc.
So many different people who it's effectiving. So most of us can feel like we are being bitten but have no welts or bite marks. If people could post if they are in the UK,Europe or USA ? Any pets at home? Wooded floor or Carpet.? As much info as possible guys.
I've suffered from this for years. I'm a 38 yesr old female who lives in the NothEast of England. The part of the body feels worst effected like mines my legs especially at night I can feel things trying to penatrate my PJ'S. My face feels like I've got things floating about on it up and around my nose also my ears. Itchy eyes. Hands itch in-between fingers. **Definitely not scabies. My head rives. I also feel sharp stabbing in feet and i can see a dot nd when I pull it out its like hairs. I do have some photos. Ive used an array of anti mite products I've used bleach ammonia alsorts .

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