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Kitchen Design Critique Requested

7 months ago

We are aiming to renovate our kitchen in the near future and are kicking around the idea of a layout change.

There are images attached of the current layout and an idea for a new layout. Hopefully all the relevant dimensions are included.

The current layout has a peninsula with a breakfast bar. The breakfast bar doesn't get used frequently. The corner circled is a bit of a dead space in terms of the base cabinet and counter and the upper shelves of the wall cabinet are difficult to reach.

The thought with the new layout is that a floor to ceiling panty could be used in that corner. With the island base cabinets we would have more storage overall but would be sacrificing some counter space as the peninsula is deeper. This configuration would also allow us to put some storage units on the wall for bags and other things which usually get tossed on the floor under the breakfast bar.

If the "kitchen triangle" is gospel I think the island would be a bad idea. We tried to get a feel for how the island would be with a cardboard mock up (picture attached), it seems ok but hard to know for sure.

I would appreciate your critique, does an island make any sense or is this trying to force a square

peg into a round hole?

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