Best surface for roof deck under giant evergreens that drop needles?

John McCoy
5 days ago

Hi all. We're doing a whole house renovation, and among many changes, our 2nd story deck is getting refinished and new railing. The prior decking surface was some kind of painted on continuous waterproof surface.

We have to sweep this deck often to clear the massive amounts of needles and other tree schmutz that drop onto it from two ginormous Atlas cedars above. There are two narrow drainage openings to a gutter, and they clog with needles frequently.

I directed our architect to make the drainage points much wider.

Our architect has called for deck floor to have porcelain pavers, which should look nice. But I'm concerned they're going to have gaps that allow needles to slip between the pavers and into the space below. When I sweep, I'll probably push more needles into the gap.

Am I just asking for a whole mess of needles under there? What kind of decking with a continuous surface might be better? The house style is modern.


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