Landscape Allowance advice

Rachel H
6 days ago

I’ve got a $15k allowance for landscaping and we missed the memo that said this was also meant to cover the cost of steps to both my front and rear doors (sliders). My rear sliders are also kitty corner to a porch door so a wide landing makes the most design sense. My first new build, I’m learning a LOT.

My house was built on top of the lot and fill was brought in up to it so the yard turned out a lot more sloped than expected. This means a retaining wall is now necessary if I want a patio.

The landscape architect my builder recommended has come back with an extensive yet simple plan that has added up to roughly $70k.

We’re nearing completion and I need steps from at least the front door to get certificate of occupancy but I’m not ready to sign this big contract.

Do you negotiate the essentials - closest to the 15k - and ask to revisit the rest after closing? Mind you this is in Upstate NY, everything is frozen, and most landscaping won’t be happening for months.

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