Should I move stairs?

Anne Counihan
6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

Design dilemma. My kitchen is small. I cannot put an island in kitchen because the basement stairs take up a ton of space. I can move basement stairs to go underneath the 2nd floor stairs and then I would have plenty of space to add a kitchen island. Problem is that then the basement is cut in half. I was hoping to do a large open entertainment space in basement with wet bar, theatre seating etc..., so moving stairs would hinder this. Would you rather have a nice open basement layout OR a kitchen island? The attached photo shows basement layout and highlighted area is where new stairs would need to go. The other walls are movable without huge cost per contractor, but obviously moving the stairs adds quite a cost. There are utilities in the 10x13 area in bottom right, which cannot be moved. I'm leaning against moving the stairs. What do you think?

Move basement stairs- cut basement in half for kitchen island
Leave stairs- huge basement entertaining space

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