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Insect infestation on a shrub in my rain garden

Don Anderson
last year

Our landscape maintenance contractor is here today. I was going to have her transplant a shrub from one part of our rain garden to another part but she noticed the plant has a severe infestation of some organism which is causing the plant to create things that look like cocoons at the ends of all the branches and farther down on most branches. She is recommending that she dig up this plant and dispose of it (in the dump, not even at the recycling center) as she doesn't want these organisms to infect the compost created at the recycling center. I have attached some photos here and have uploaded some others at this link:

She says she thinks these are "gull worms" but I cannot find that on the Internet. If anyone knows the name of this organism I would be interested to hear about it. I also don't know what the name of the shrub is so would appreciate that information. It was already in our rain garden when we moved into this house in March of 2016. I am located in Arlington WA, zip code 98223. Thanks, Don

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