Donating hardly used lingerie, anyone done it or heard of it working?

l pinkmountain
6 days ago

Back in my early 40's, when I weighed 40+ pounds LESS, and was flush financially, I bought into the idea that I "deserved" nice underwear and would enjoy wearing it. Meh. I rarely wore it because it was not as robust as my regular lingerie, and not always the most comfortable, although a few types were OK. In a relatively short time after I ended up gaining weight and just not being able to realistically fit into the stuff anymore. So it is all stashed in a plastic storage box, not looking brand new, but truthfully hardly worn. I read a bit online about places to donate or sell, just wondering if anyone thinks that would really actually work. It seems such a shame to throw them out. I wish I could donate them to someone who would truly realize that they were so rarely worn (some maybe tried on and then just once) that they could be nice if that's the kind of thing they wanted. Hard to say. I used to not want to buy used shoes, but if they are in good condition and real leather or high quality, I have had good success with buying some nice used dress shoes. Same with a used handbag, if it is truly nice and shows signs of not being used much, I have learned to see the advantages of buying used. But I don't know about lingerie. I would no longer buy lacy silky stuff like that anyway, I want pure comfort, that's special enough for me. Thoughts, ideas??

Edited to add that I'm not crafty so would not be into using them to makes something else myself, but maybe I could hook them up with someone who would, the lace could perhaps be cannibalized . . . but they are in such good shape, some young woman who needs a pick-me-up would possibly really enjoy them, seems like . . .

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