I really need your suggestions on what to do with that.

Dmitry Harbatsevich
13 days ago
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Hi everyone, I need your advice and suggestions about composing a home design for my family!

What we have:

I bought a plot of land with an unfinished building - there is a foundation and walls only. So now I’m thinking of a design.

I would not want to change the foundation; that’s why I need to develop something based on what I have.

The initial design of the house was one-floor, about 116m2 (380 feet2).

Here is a picture of the plan:

The pink dots you see are sewer holes. And there is a cap already on the floor.

Obviously, It’s not enough for us. The rooms were too small, the living room was too tight, there was not an office for me, and so on.

So I decided to add the full-height second floor, but only over the middle part (See pictures, please what I came up with).

The place where I plan to put stairs is near the door to the garage, but there is not enough space for that... I'm really stuck with that!

And there is a problem with a comfortable entering to garage.

We are thinking of putting the main bedroom and a baby room on the first floor because it’s easier to take there (got some advice from different people).

A little info about my family:

There are three of us right now - my wife, a baby (6mo), and I. We plan to have another one in the future.

What we need:

  • I would want to have a pretty big living room, because (I suppose) most of the time we would spend over there.
  • Also, I need to have an office because I work freelance.
  • We need one room for guests, like parents, to sleep overnight.
  • A baby room and one for the second one.

The garage is not supposed to be used as intended - I’m thinking of primarily using it as a storage room perimetrically.

I will really appreciate any help from you because I am exhausted thinking about that.

Thanks in advance.

So main questions are:

- how would you divide the first floor into rooms?

- where is the place to set stairs?

P.S: English is my native language as you could notice, I'm sorry about that. I hope you understand me well :)

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