Troubleshoot GE Monogram: Temperature Controls

6 days ago

My 2001 42" side by side GE Monogram fridge/freezer (built in) will not adjust to manual temperature settings. My fridge is 20F. My freezer is below zero. This has been going on for a month.

The service contract tech came and left saying only, "I don't know." At the door he 'guessed' that it might help to turn off the whole appliance for 24 hours. (Really? And what if it then refuses to start cooling at all?)

Also: I've paid $2800 in service contract fees for this appliance. It took ten days to get a tech here -- to no avail. How lucky that I didn't have food spoiling in the meantime. Is there any point in continuing to pay $12 a month even IF I can solve the temperature problem? The appliance is in perfect shape and has never given us any trouble. It would be a royal pain to try to replace the custom doors...if I could find a 'fit'.

Thanks for your help!

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