How would you add a screened porch

Trailrunner Zone 7a VA
6 days ago
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The white addition is 12’x16’and will be re- sided attractively in a different color and the wood deck removed. The existing addition is off the DR and will have French Doors into it and be a Den . We can change windows and doors but not its size. We need some gravel driveway area up there to use for turning purposes and the tree stays. I really want a screened porch accessed somehow off the Den , and the screened porch will be a simpler style in keeping with the little house.

Here is a pic of the rear area described above

The window in the adjacent brick stays it’s a bedroom. Thanks for ideas and size suggestions

Sample porches

This is the color scheme Wool Skein for siding and trims and Tricorn Black for doors

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