Demolition cost for basement?

Yun Kim
6 days ago

Hi thinking of underpinning basement and Demolition is required prior

our basement is about 1000 square feet

has one small powder room and utility room as well as laundry room

i got a quote from general contractor for $10k for demolition and $80-90 k for 2.4 feet underpinning

he said also to finish basement with kitchen, 3 pcs bathroom, 2bedroom with closet will cost another $100k

that is total $200k for underpinnng and finishes does this price make sense? i feel especially finish is too expensive? how about 10k demolition cost?? should i do my self for demolition?

i live in toronto

one more question, if I am planning to add secondary addition on exsisting basement and main floor addition, is it recommended to underpin prior to addition??

photo is our basement thanks for reading

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