Lemon tree leaves wilted and roots rotted, can I save it?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

This lemon tree had been happily growing from a seed, until, I suspect, the soil kept retaining too much water and the root health suffered. Before I had read on this forum the benefits of well-draining soil, I reported it to a new pot in, sadly, big box store potting mix. The leaves continued to wilt, dry out, and fall off. Now there are no leaves left, and when I dug up the plant to examine the roots, most of them fell off, rotten. How can I save this tree? I have it in clean, oxygenated water at the moment to keep an eye on the roots, and I have made no cuts or trims to the remaining root bits. Do I need to make tiny holes to convince roots to form? I want to get the roots established before I get it back in proper, well-draining soil. Please advise, and thank you!

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