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wintering Plumeria in the South

Bruce Romano
5 months ago

I am in Charleston, SC. When I was in Wash DC, I gave my potted plumerias dark (sorta) and a trickle of water to overwinter. They skinnied a little and dropped leaves and came back in spring.

Here in SC, I have no dark space to hold them in dormancy (if that is the right word).

Q 1) I have a sunroom (northern exposure - hard to call it sunroom) temp varies from high 50s to close to 80. Should I just "grow" them through the winter with limited watering and no fertilizer til spring? Or just treat it like year-round-growing season. Thay have dropped almost all leaves, but a few new ones have appeared.

Q 2) I am considering trying to overwinter one (I have three) outside in the ground using a cloche and a lightbulb on any nights under 45. (If it works, I will do the same with the others in following years.)

(They are all 4 foot tall and sentimental value, as I grew them from 2" cuttings from a friend in San Diego.)

Any knowledge or thoughts or ideas welcome. B Alan

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