Texture for new kitchen soffit over peninsula?

7 days ago

We are doing a low-budget kitchen update. We started by removing the old soffits and the cabinets that hung above the peninsula. Because the soffit in that area hid a waste pipe that can't be relocated, we had a new bulkhead/soffit built to cover it up.

Scope of the project includes replacing old cabinets with Ikea Sektion Grimslov off-white, making the peninsula deeper (currently it's a paltry 12" deep), keeping the peninsula length at 84". Ceiling height is 96", soffit height is 9" x 19" wide. Also looking at new countertop and backsplash tile.

We have slap brush texture on the ceiling and walls. We are not going to change that (house was built in mid-60s and there's likely asbestos in the mud and we don't want to disturb it).

First photo is the pipe that is now covered up and shows the ceiling texture. Second is the "before" and third is the new soffit.

We're considering making the soffit smooth rather than putting on slap brush texture that would match the wall/ceiling. Would that make it stand out too much? We want it to visually recede as much as it reasonably can. We're hoping to suspend a couple of small pendant lights from the soffit but have only 52" of space between counter & bottom of soffit. I'm going to mock something up to see if that looks reasonable.

I think a smooth surface on the soffit might make it look too contemporary compared to rest of the room. That might be more appropriate for recesssed lights (or no lights at all).

Any thoughts?

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