Help! Kitchen Remodel Dilemma - Counters, Paint, Floors & Backsplash!

Amy Bailey
7 days ago
last modified: 7 days ago

I'm working on updating our Kitchen and am looking for some recommendations on Tile flooring and granite tones to look for. We are planning to strip the cabinets, repaint them white (I am looking at BM White Dove), replace countertops, tile flooring, and get a gas stovetop (yay! Finally!)

In general I know I prefer warm tones which is a bit different from the trendy grays and whites, but I likely will be in this home for another 2-5 years and am also looking for finishes that appeal to a large audience when we decide to sell.

Photos of the kitchen are below - it gets strong northern light with some western light. The walls are currently painted SW Navajo White, but if that restricts kitchen design too much we could repaint (I would lean towards BM Edgecomb Gray).

I would typically think a medium sized square tile on the diagonal would look good, but they must be out of style as i can hardly find any options that are not rectangular tile now! Any thoughts on a good warm tile or a tile that can transition warm and cool?

For countertops, i'm leaning towards granite if i can find something quieter, I would consider Quartz, but I do have some concerns on is durability regarding heat. Any suggestions on Granite colors, or Quartz colors?

Backsplash I hesitate to ask about until I select the other finishes, but if anyone has recommendations on that, please feel free to share! :)

Also excuse the mess in the kitchen! We've been in the house 2 years already and have a 1.5 year old - its in constant use! :)

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