Growing Welsh onion or Japanese Bunching onion Negi, anyone???

7 days ago

I am trying to add perennial vegetables to my garden...and I learned about "Welsh Onions" from an YT video. I think I will enjoy growing these and it seems they are easy to grow.

While looking up how to get these as seed or plant things became a little confusing for me. The terms Welsh Onion, Japanese Bunching Onion, Spring Onion and even scallion began being used loosely and interchangeably. When I look at photographs however, Welsh Onions look like very big, tall, thick and meaty chives. The diameter of each long hollow leaf looks almost 1/2 inch or more. They seem to grow out strong in a half sphere rather than up and bend over. The Japanese bunching onions look more like very large scallions. But I have only seen a few pictures.

I would be so grateful if you could tell me a little about Welsh onions and Japanese Bunching onions. What they are or are not. My interest is really to grow something perennial, with or without bulbs, but certainly with a significant amount of greens. Of Course flavor and texture matter. What I finally get will be based on your input.

Here are some sources I found that have Welsh Onions for sale. I dont know if I am buying the right thing so if you recommend a source, that would be great.

This outfit, Edible Acres, sells little plants or bareroots. They introduce the Japanese word 'Negi' and say they love this plant:

West Coast Seeds offers two kinds of seeds both are Allium fistulosum:

And Bakers Creek sells these perennial onions:

I am very open! Thank you for reading all this.

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