Carpet for weed control rose bed?

16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

I have a small area with full sun that I want to make a new bed and repurpose 12 or 13 Olivia roses I have all over the place. The area is covered in weeds and grass. I have a ton of old carpet that we just had removed from our house and was wondering if anyone has used old carpet to kill the weeds in a rose bed. If you google this you will get all kinds of post with some people saying it is a horrible idea and others saying it works like a charm. Has anyone done it? Does it work? I was planning on covering the ground around my roses and cover with mulch. Thank you for any posts in advance. Ok i am also considering using cardboard which should easily incorporate into the ground so i don’t have to deal with lifting the carpet after a few months and disposing of it. The carboard can stay down and covered with mulch, any ideas?


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