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Carrara marble installation adhesive glue stains - Will they go away?

7 months ago

We installed Carrara marble in our kitchen and one of our bathrooms in early October 2021. The day of the install we noticed 2-3" adhesive glue marks bleeding through the surface of the stone and the installer assured us they would go away. After about 3-4 days they did indeed seem to go away and we were relieved. The weather at the time also happened to be fairly warm and dry.

About 3 weeks post install we had painters begin their prep. They covered the counters with rosin paper and they remained covered for approximately 5-6 weeks during the painting process. Sadly, when the paper was removed around Dec 11th we noticed the spots had reappeared. Also note that the weather was now wet and rainy on and off.

The installer used DAP Alex Plus All Purpose with Silicone. I'm told by DAP that it's a water based caulking. I still can't really determine if this product is great for marble installation but I gather that it shouldn't be harmful. Not sure what other professionals thoughts are on this product in terms of our problem and if this could have been avoided with another product.

Our installer doesn't understand what happened as he's been in business for 30 years and has never experienced this problem with the spots reappearing. It's hard to blame him since the spots really did go away.

One thing we have noticed is that heat does appear to lighten their appearance but we are concerned about heating the stone too hot that it may crack or cause more harm. It was also very warm and dry when they were installed and the weather in southern CA is now colder and the humidity almost 80% some days.

Anyone have any experience with this issue that could offer any advice?

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