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To answer a question of where my hostas are. I once had a shaded back yard and we actually got cold in the winter. I had over 300 with the help of this group. My back yard faced a wooded area full of trees. One day I came home to find it had been flattened. Every tree every canna gone as they had never been there. I am still not over it. The city put in a retention pond, ie the lake, We had some pretty good hurricanes soon after that so I was grateful for the lake. Well some of my hostas saw the sun and they gave up on the spot. Packed up and went north. After that it was down hill. Fast. Many returned so small and did not last long. Now I have 4, if you count the one I got this weekend. Sun hostas were at Lowe's right before Christmas. So during the winter they stay outside and go into the shade greenhouse in the summer. It is 44 degrees. I am off to work.

Have a great day everyone!

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