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Bleaching red oak hardwood floors

Shelley Tattam
7 months ago

I searched the internet for pictures/more information on bleaching red oak floor, but couldn’t find a lot of information, so I decided to post some images of our progress.

We initially had our hardwood contractor apply two coats of bona nordic and two coats of bona HD on our hardwood floors, but hated how pink/mauve they looked. It didn't turn out at all like the sampled area because the sampled area was so small. There were other issue with the floor as well, so the contractor is redoing them and I want to make sure we get if right this time.

So far he has done two test areas. One with one coat of bleach and another with two coats of bleach. The bleach took out so much of the red/pink as you can see from the images. It’s hard to capture true color on a celll phone but i feel these do a fairly good job.

We are going to apply bona nordic on one area, bona natural on another and just bona HD on another to see whoch route we want to go. So far very pleased with the bleaching process.

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