What is your hosta goal?

I have an average sized city property which I find very limiting when it comes to gardening. Just like most of you, I want more hosta! But then things get crowded and need moving, maybe removing and dividing.

To try to keep myself grounded, I have to keep asking myself what it is that I am trying to accomplish and what it is I want. Not easy questions to answer!

I also see that many hosta members here have large lots. That gives you more land to create even more garden beds. I still have some grass, but my husband loves his grass in our front yard and also requests me not to add garden beds on either side of the driveway. (He's a car guy who often works on our cars and needs room.)

So for me, what I want most of all, is to grow my hostas well. I want mature hosta with big leaves. I am trying to decide which hosta I love and which ones I can live without. Well, that isn't easy either!

Every year the gardening season seems short and I don't get done all that is on my list of to-dos. I imagine that happens to every gardener.

So now we have time to reflect. What did we love in our gardens? What needs changing? What is my goal especially in regards to hosta?

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