Kitchen dilemma: too much yellow wood and green granite

11 days ago

A complete remodel of my kitchen is out of reach right now but I can do what I can with paint, stain or other affordable solutions. My house is a lot of yellow wood cabinets, doors and floors and paint colors. Paired with the green granite countertops and backsplash in the kitchen it gives off a very 1990s cabin chic vibe. I included listing photos since they are less cluttered than current space. I did switch out the hardware (picture 3) which was a huge improvement. My thought is to paint the cabinets in order to eliminate one source of the yellow wood. Staining them another color is on the table as well. I'd also like to do something about the monolithic green granite backsplash but I'm afraid removing it would cause a lot of damage. The wall color in the open kitchen/living area is currently a cream color that reads very yellow. I'd like to change that wall color once I figure out what is happening with this kitchen. Any ideas on changes to cabinet color/backsplash/wall color that would give an updated look? I'm not afraid of painting cabinets but I can't decide what colors I can pair with this granite.

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