High gloss porcelain floor tile- is it a nightmare to clean?

Biljana Jovanova
4 months ago

Hi friends, I know there have been previous questions on the “maintenance of high gloss porcelain in kitchen/living room “ topic, but I struggled finding something more recent. What is your experience? Is it a nightmare to clean? Everyday life, footprints, water drops etc- are they THAT visible?

We just purchased our dream home which features open plan and lots of natural light. We fell in love with a supersize high gloss porcelain floor tile (48in x 48in) in light gray w brown veining from Floor and Decor. It’s looks beautiful but I’m afraid that the gloss is pretty much like a mirror and with the bright light it would it show everything: dust, footprints etc. I like it clean and I’m afraid it would require daily cleaning. I read some horror stories about grout haze and how pups and high gloss don’t mix together. On the other hand, I have read that porcelain is super durable and easy to maintain (but these seem to be sales sites).

We do not have dogs/cats but plan on kids in the future. We are in Texas, so we walk barefoot most of the year. The tile would be from the entryway through the living room to the kitchen.

Please help us make a decision. Thank you in advance for taking time out of your busy lives to share your experience.

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