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January 2022, Week 2: When the Cows come home

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I dunno what the title means, just was what came into my empty mind.

I am on the fated recovery trail, I slept early and got up about midnight. I took the dogs out and didn't cough or blow for the first twenty minutes. That's quite an improvement of getting up because I'm non-stop coughing. I'm not well, but I'm definitely headed in that direction.

I was a bit surprised to find a light rain this morning that wasn't on the forecast, but it's still welcome after the summer/fall drought.

The temperatures look as if they are moderating after the bitterly cold last week. That's of course subject to change, as it always is.

It's approaching time to think about starting the earliest/neediest seeds toward the end of the month. I will try to resist starting anything too early though. I only last week moved the house plants from the back porch where they were cold and semi-dormant to the laundry room where I can more easily water (saucers) and a bit brighter and slightly warmer. Maybe in March it'll look safe to move them outside again, we shall see.

I attended the first WIld Ones meeting since March 2020 this week. Darn the waves of Covid have sure changed things. I still can't dine in at Wendy's (or any other fast food place)..whether that is pandemic or staff shortages, I don't know. And french fries aren't very good by the time I get them I'm not spending money there. Everyone I know pretty much has had at least one bout of Covid now.

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