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ProVia v QuantaPanel Storm windows

Emily A
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I have a historic home with single pane original windows (in Washington, DC historic district, they cannot be replaced) and old storms. I'm looking to update the storms with a two track low-e glass storm, with the main goal of reducing noise. Eventually I'll probably add an indow-style interior storm. I've gotten quotes from a couple ProVia and QuantaPanel folks (and Mon-ray but I've written that off because I hear the factory is having significant delays).

I've been unable to find a comparison between the two storms. ProVia is cheaper (and I could do custom color for an additional 33% cost, whereas it's about 90% more for QuantaPanel). I could do QuantaPanel DIY however the pro's have indicated that they cut off 1/4 of the edge of each storm, and that's beyond my capacity (I haven't asked Quanta if they could do this for me).

Anyone willing to provide insight or experience on this quandary? @Windows on Washington Ltd any insight?

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