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ISO Advice re: Numerous Corian Shower Installation Issues

Julie K
2 years ago

@Joseph Corlett, LLC you commented on a prior post regarding our Corian shower design. Prior link on our shower design.

Given your deep knowledge and experience with Corian, I'm hoping you can advise us on what we should do about the numerous Corian shower installation issues below.

Attached are photos of the sample Corian shower & pan we viewed at the installer's showroom. We expected to see a similar seamless look between our shower walls and pan, but ours is anything but a seamless look. All we see are seams and what looks like a poor caulk job everywhere! We think our very expensive Corian shower looks TERRIBLE!!! :-(

Additionally, the installers didn’t create a slight slope along the flat shower pan edge so the shower glass fabricator warned the water inside our shower will sit on top of the shower pan and/or flow towards our floor tile.

We ordered our custom Pearl Gray pan from Grifform pans, but the measurements, shop drawing and shower pan order were handled by the company that fabricated and installed our Corian walls. We paid almost $6,000 for our shower pan which included a 35% rush fee.

We also paid an additional $15,000 (includes materials and labor) for our Glacier White walls with coved corners, large shower niche, and baseboard and Pearl Gray bench.

The installer had to cove our shower bench twice, because the gray we specified didn't work. When they tried to cove it to the white wall, the gray material got too thin so it looked like mildew trapped in clear caulk so they redid the coving in Glacier White to match the walls. However, that created a whole new issue resulting in a negative slope on the shower bench corner! I'm going to create a separate post on the sloping issue on our shower bench for you to review and comment.

We hired an installer who probably does more Corian installations in the entire Bay Area and is the only Corian installer we found who will fabricate and install coved corners. (We realize coving voids the warranty, but we HATE visible corners/seams!!) The company we hired came highly recommended by the west coast Corian distributor. They are the same company we used for our Corian shower surround a few years ago.

A foreman is returning to our home Thursday morning (Jan 13) to review our shower installation with us and our designer. I sent them the same photos included in this post. Suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!

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