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Ideas to Update Tiling around a Non-Working Fireplace

last year

Hi there, we recently moved into a new house and the living room has a non-working fireplace with tiling as its centrepiece. I initially really liked the tiles but since moving I have found the tiles to be quite worn out and damaged in areas (see pictures below). The tiles are also not perfectly aligned, as they bulge out in places. I also think the green-ish yellow colour is too similar to the colour of our bamboo floors.

In order to update the look, we were thinking about having marble cut or re-tiling the area. But I can't decide what would look best. The current tiles are set back from the mantle walls and floor, so we were wondering whether we could even put marble slabs or tiles on top of the existing tile so it is flush with the floor and the walls? Or would we would need to remove the old tiles? As we only recently moved in, we are not sure what is behind the current tiles.

We also really like the fireplace grate so we are hoping to keep it. I am not sure if it is cast iron or cast bronze. I am also looking for suggestions on how to restore it if anyone knows how!

Thanks in advance!!

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