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Front door opens into living room and dining room combo

June TL
last year
last modified: last year

Hello! We have a double door front entrance that leads directly into a big room that is the living room and dining room. I'd love to create something like an entryway/foyer. We have the following furniture that we'd like to with work, if possible: a 5-piece chaise sectional couch, a round coffee table, an accent chair, a side accent table and a rectangular dining table set. Attached photo includes a similar sectional we have. I briefly came across the idea of placing the back of sofa in front of door, but I haven't tried it. In my mind, it feels kind of weird as I'd be walking into the back of the sofa. Not sure if it will just take some time to get used to? Curious if most people would suggest this or not. Thank you!

Updated: here are dimensions:

Room is about 30 ft x 12 ft

Sofa 10 ft x 3 ft (not including the extra chaise part)

Console table 4 ft x 1 ft

Dining table 5 ft x 3 ft

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