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Narrow Living Room Layout

2 years ago

I need help buying new furniture for this space.

It is 14' X 20'. Fireplace/TV on shorter wall. I need seating for at least 4, comfortably, and able to watch TV. Also, there are French doors on one long wall and a sliding door on the other long wall... would prefer not to block them, however, I'm finding that my furniture choices will be limited if I go with anything but a sectional; willing to do something different! The drawing shows where the current sectional is and I know if it too far back in the room.

Another BIG problem with the current layout is that the way the sofa goes across at the narrow part of the room, it cuts everyone off and the flow is not good. Guest tend to stay out of the room. I would like the layout to be more inviting!

What would you do with the furniture layout in the room?

Family Room Layout · More Info

Family Room Layout · More Info

Family Room Layout · More Info

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