Evergreen tree and Low water usage (zone 9b SF Bay Area)

4 months ago

hello, My landscape designer spec'd Manzanita Dr Hurb to help screen a 2 story house. However, the nursery is saying this is a poor choice because the Manzanita is very slow growing and will not provide the screening I desire even in 10 years!

I am now seeking recommendations for evergreen trees that are low water usage, with moderate to fast growth up to 30 feet in height. Our house style is modern farmhouse. California native is ideal, but I'm not coming up with many ideas.

I've reviewed the PG&E list and only found one that might work: Cordia boissieri. I'm also researching: Fremontodendron californicum (California Flannel Bush). Any other ideas? Are there tree lists available for my situation?

Thank you!

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