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Has anyone used wax, or walnut oil or nothing on stone counters?

2 years ago

I love natural stone, especially marble, but I don't like sealants. I know they are supposedly non-toxic, but there haven't been any real studies to prove this. I admit that I could be just crazy/paranoid, but I can't help it. I want to use my counters to roll out pastry and knead dough, and since the sealants slowly wear off, some particles will wind up in the food. I'm not married to marble yet, but I want something very light-colored. Here is a wax/walnut oil product that can be used on any stone, even though it's labelled for soapstone. Unfortunately it yellows marble according to this website:

I thought walnut oil would quickly go rancid because walnuts do, but amazingly it polymerizes instead.

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