December 2021 Week 5: Here at the end of all things.

5 months ago

Well, we made it...this week ushers in January 2022. My title quote is partial (I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam.) If you don't recognize it, I'll leave you to wonder (or Google it if you want). It doesn't mean anything deep, just that it's the end of the 2021.

I can't believe that I was running my AC yesterday (Christmas Day), because it had been warm for two days and warmed the attic space up and I ran the oven for 3 hours yesterday baking a chicken. It looks like a week will put paid on that...with temps on the 31st predicted to be 17 for a low.

In similar vein, while walking yesterday, I noticed some foragables in growth (lambs quarters, stinging nettle, and of course henbit and dead nettle). Odd (at least it seems to me) to sight at the end of December. Course all those things you all still have in the open garden are pretty much the same. I think you better pick them this week though!

Despite my desire to not buy more plants this year, I find myself excited at the prospects of looking over new offerings for 2022. Hopefully my control can last, but a minor dip err might be ok?

Well, see you in 2022!

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