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Recessed lights in a small bedroom with a Ceiling Fan - Bad Idea?

2 years ago
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Our daughter's room is nearly 11 1/2 feet square. There is a ceiling fan that does not have a light. We don't want to swap it out for one that has a light because the fan runs silently and ceiling fan lights are ugly. We are trying to decide whether to add a 4" recessed light in each corner or just purchase a floor lamp or table lamps.

We were planning to space recessed lights about 45 1/2" apart to evenly light the room. However, after doing some research, it seems that this spacing would put the lights too close to the fan, causing a strobing effect.

In such a small room, would it be possible to avoid the flickering problem by placing the lights closer to the walls? If so, how close? At 36" from the corner, the lights would be about 32" from the end of the fan blades. Would this leave a dark area in the center of the room and cast weird light on the built-in shelf which extends out 12" from the wall? I believe the black dot in the photo is placed 40" or 45" from the corner. I am terrified to mess up the ceiling

by cutting holes in the wrong place. Would it be possible to use stick-on battery-operated puck lights in different positions to test how ceiling lights and fan would interact?

I read that the biggest issue with recessed lights in bedrooms is sound transfer to other rooms. I would be more concerned about sound transfer into my daughter's bedroom than out. She likes it quiet. Our other daughter, whose room is down the hall, has Down Syndrome and likes to sing loudly (out of tune, of course). I suppose we could build drywall boxes around the lights but this involves a lot of extra labor.

So which would be better - recessed lights, table lamps or a floor lamp? There isn't really a good place to put a floor lamp. The one she has now is in the way of a chest of drawers. Maybe table lamps on the desk and chest of drawers or wall lamps? Our daughter likes to rearrange her room from time to time which complicates the placement of wall lamps. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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