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Red Oak Kitchen/White Oak Rest of House what to do?

Christina Panza
2 years ago

We are in the middle of redoing ALL the floors in our house. Our Kitchen already had Oak floors (in really bad shape) but the rest of the house didn't, so we're reflooring the rest of the house and just refinishing the kitchen. Our contractor told us he was sure the kitchen floors were white oak, so we got white oak for the rest of the house. Turns out he was wrong, when he sanded the kitchen floors he realized they are just really high quality red oak with a closer grain than normal. Anyway, obviously the floors will not match. We can TRY to match them by bleaching the red oak, etc. But, from a design standpoint, wondering if it would be better to not even try to match them? I know it will look like a mistake either way but is it a worse mistake if we try to match them? The kitchen is separated from the living room by an open doorway but it's not a fully open floorplan. Ugh!!! I'm SOOOO ANNOYED BY THIS. Just curious how others have dealt with this short of ripping out floors and replacing.

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