Seeds of an abandoned rose experiment

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

I had a fun little rose adventure, thought I would share!
Today I went out to a remote village for a meeting.

While driving to it, we passed by an empty lot and I saw a white rose, abandoned in a pot, growing taller than wide (I'd say about 1m50 tall + the 30cm pot and barely 90cm wide) and healthy and flowering rather prolifically.
I actually asked my colleague to stop the car, like a crazy rose person. I rushed because we were late for our meeting.
I took two pictures which, in retrospect, are pretty bad, and grabbed one of the many reddish hips. That was all I had time for, and my colleague was not happy about this little stop.

I didn't take cuttings because 1) I didn't have anything to cut with or store them properly and 2) I have never successfully rooted rose cuttings anyway, in spite of all the tutorials I've watched.
I took the hip because I have grown many plants from seeds, but never tried roses, so I thought this will be a fun experiment with the mystery parent!
When I got home I opened the hip and was delighted to find about a dozen big seeds inside.
I put them in between two moist coffee filters and am leaving them in the fridge to stratify.

I will return to the location of the rose this weekend, take better pictures and actually smell it, which I didn't even think to do in my rush.
I might even try taking a cutting, I'm feeling emboldened after watching @roseseek's awesome recent youtube video with Don Rogers. (Link: )

Surely this rose is not anything novel or exceptional, but I like the mystery of it and am amazed that it was looking so healthy in spite of clearly getting no care at all. And I can be sure that this is a rose that can thrive in my climate! Perhaps her seedlings will too?

Any advice or insights would be welcome! I'll update with better pics this weekend.

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