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laundry sink as bathroom vanity

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I'm working on a renovation plan for our 600 square foot basement, which will include a laundry area adjacent to a bathroom. This bathroom will be two floors away from the family bedrooms, and will be used by guests staying in our guest suite, or by us when we're using the rec room/play room down there. I'd like to have a laundry/utility sink, but since space is tight I had the idea to attempt something dual purpose in the bathroom -- like a big farmhouse-style deep sink in a vanity, with enough counter space to work well as a primary bathroom vanity for overnight guests. It needs to be nice enough that my guests don't feel like they're brushing their teeth in a laundry sink.

Does anyone have a creative idea of how to set this up? Would you hack a kitchen sink onto a vanity? Buy something intended as a kitchen cabinet and try to finish it to feel more like a vanity? Add a countertop? We'll definitely have to keep this below a 48" width, likely under 36". Are there drawbacks or pitfalls I'm not thinking of? Here are a few inspo pics I've found so far -- the first of these is probably closest to my preferred style, though I'd have a mirror behind it.

Mill Creek Ridge Farmhouse · More Info

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