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Repairing drywall over brick and plaster

last year

Folks, first time asking a question here, I am NOT handy, but am trying to learn.

I have a 150 year old house. Water got into a section of inside wall and I now have a hole I need to repair. Looking into the hole, it appears there is a layer of about an inch of plaster (or something similar) over brick, and then drywall over the plaster. What is more, the are above the hole is also cracked and needs to be repaired. On the bottom, there is molding, and on one side is a door frame.

I think I need to remove a chunk of the plaster, re-plaster the wall and put up new drywall over it, which I then need to paint. I am not sure if I need to remove and re-attach the molding.

I am wondering if there is a good resource somewhere for this type of repair - most guides deal with newer houses, and hanging drywall over wood beams.

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