Final Walk Through Was a Farce

5 months ago
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Final Walk Through

You know it was bad enough to discover the smell I kept telling my relators' broker about during final walk through turned out to be dog urine. All the carpet in the home, except for stairs was overly peed on by their dog. Gas was off so when furnace was turned on next day after closing it was worse and worse as day went on. Luckily I had been thinking of new flooring, and flooring guy pulled it all immediately. Wood floors are in all but two of the bedrooms. We are awaiting carpet for two bedrooms so now there is just sub flooring!(there is a $20 urine detector that I suggest all buyers get )

Here is for my question. 3 days later due to finding a pile of dog poop in the furnace area I discover they left a dozen plus cans of old paint and other painting supplies. Told my realtor about it, with no real response. If anyone has had to dispose of old paint, you know it is not easy, especially for a 72 year with no access to a truck.

Since closing was on the 29th of November can I ask that it be removed by sellers, or my agent or am I just stuck with solving the problem.

Here's pictures of the paint. FYI--Above is probably only 30% of issues I've had to fix.

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