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Please help me choose rug sizes for Dining Room/Living Room space

last year
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I've got a combined LR/DR. I need rugs for both areas, but the dining rug is the toughest decision. The room is 21' x 14'. The pictures show a lot of furniture because we're between projects. The recliner, olive chair, and the cart full of messy papers will all go. The gold chair or the small blue chair could move to an adjoining room and only come out for company. The dining table, piano, sofa, coffee table, and one chair stay. (I just rearranged furniture yesterday--art will also be moved and rehung properly, more and better lighting will be purchased.)

For the dining table, I have four goals, I can only satisfy one or two. Which compromises should I make?

Goal 1: Rug that's at least 30" wider than the table on all 4 sides.

Goal 2: 12" to 18" between the walls and the rug edges.

Goal 3: Bare floor "walkway along the fireplace side of the room that's at least 2 feet wide. This is more of a safety goal than an aesthetic one. Not sure how important this should be.

Goal 4: 12" to 18" between the two rugs.

Recommendations don't need to be limited to standard rug sizes. I plan to have the rugs cut and bound to custom sizes as needed. I'm attaching diagrams of two potential rug layouts, and a few pictures of the room. All advice appreciated!

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