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Furniture arrangement help for rectangular living/dining room are

2 years ago

So this room of 123" by 300" has been a pain in the neck since we have moved in this house in early 2000s. It's more frustrating recently after we sold our 12 yrs old sofa set. I need to buy new sofa set, coffee/side tables, decor, and... For a family of 6, we need more seating area with comfort and some style. The same area as you can see in the pic, is supposed to be for dining room.
I really like the idea of buying a sectional sofa+accent chair for living area, but not sure how to arrange in such narrow space. I was very desperate to a point that I convinced myself of hiring an interior designer, but my financial situation doesn't allow me do so.
I would very much appreciate your ideas.
Thank you 💕

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