Help! Historic Home Remodel

M. R.
last month

Hello! We recently bought a 1908 Colonial. The home itself is large but has quite a bit of dead space. The kitchen is a small galley kitchen that we know won’t work for our family of 5 (our current house is set up this way). We’d like to remodel before moving in. However, we live out of town and the owners are renting from us, so hard to start the design process! I’m trying to start to get some ideas together. At first I was thinking that we’d need to take out the wall between kitchen and dining (which is load bearing). But now I’m wondering if we could keep the wall and convert the existing dining room to the kitchen, making the current kitchen a butlers pantry/laundry room? The one thing I that I’d like to have space for a dining room table—not sure whether the dead space between the dining and sun room is large enough for that to work. Would love any opinions/ideas! Thanks in advance!

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