Small Master/Primary Bath Remodel

Jasmine Morrow
last month

We’re working on a bathroom remodel and trying to figure out the best course of action for an efficient layout. The bathroom is 7’4” x 7’10” but there’s an extra area outside of the bathroom that could be used. We’re trying to stick to a budget but we can maybe find some wiggle room since it’s a master bathroom and resell is in the back of our minds. The goal is to keep the current room and not move the toilet. We’re also new to reno so we’re trying to navigate how much it would cost to move/add plumbing. We have a slab foundation. We’re still waiting on quotes from contractors.

Ideally we would like expand the shower and have a double vanity. The next tier up would be to use the space outside of the bathroom and have 2 sinks, shower, and bathtub. We might be crazy but just let me know lol. I also want to add a closet system and probably have pocket doors for both the bathroom and closet to help with spacing.

Initial thoughts are to turn the toilet to the side facing the vanity and expand shower toward toilet. Vanity would have to be small to allow access to toilet so maybe there could be single vanities across from each other? Here’s the current layout

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