Azek vs Ipe porch

We live in the DMV / MidAtlantic area. Summers can get hot and humid. We have covered porches that are not enclosed. They face southeast. We are considering either Azek or Ipe for the porch floors. Azek is in our contract and is what our contractor recommended but they would use any material we choose. The Azek color that would look best with the house exterior is dark hickory but I’m concerned about how hot the floor will get. We have small kids who would probably sit on the porch floor and walk barefoot. Is this a concern with Azek? Because of this, we are considering ipe instead. Does ipe get too hot to walk barefoot? The contractor is getting a new quote from the sub so we don’t know if there is a price difference. Which material would you choose? If there is a high premium for ipe, is there enough of a difference in floor temperatures to be worth it?

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