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Dusty house - related to HVAC?

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last year
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I had a new furnace and a/c system installed this summer, including Honeywell whole house filter system. I also had the gravel floor of the crawl space under the addition covered in plastic (not encapsulated, though). And STILL the dust is ridiculous. I can dust and 3-4 days later I can write my name in it, it's that bad. I live on a dirt road, but the dust is actually much worse when all the windows are shut in the cold weather, which is why I suspect something is just not right in the HVAC system.

I'm going to have a different HVAC company come out and zone out part of the house that still colder than the other part (high ceilings, large open space in that area) -- original company did run add'l ductwork into the space and assured me that would fix the problem, but it didn't. The company I'm going to call back suggested zoning it off in the first place but dummy me decided to not to cough up the cash and go with them -- which I'm now going to end up doing anyway.

Anyway, I'm going to talk to them about the dust problem, but I'm not sure what I should be asking or what they should be looking for when trying to pinpoint what, if anything, in the HVAC system is contributing to the dust. So that is my question to you guys.

Since I know someone is going to ask, yes I had my air ducts cleaned when I moved in 5 years ago -- the dust was bad then and it's still bad now.

ETA: I also suspect leaky windows -- I can feel the drafts, but then again the problem is worse when the house is shut, so if outside air was the problem, wouldn't it be a worse problem when the windows are open?

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