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Small Bathroom Remodel Tile Help!

Monrovia Mom
last year
last modified: last year

We are just beginning a remodel project for our secondary (small) bathroom. Bathroom dimensions are 60 inches by 90 inches. We have purchased a 24 inch freestanding cabinet (brown/black) and have a white marble counter with veins of beige & gray. (reads contemporary not ultra modern though). We will have a niche with some accent tile. The other complexity is that we have a large oval window over the tub area (probably 5 1/2 feet up) that we will tile along the edges (may use the same accent tile we use for the niche). The wall tile will go all the way up the walls.

We redid our master (much larger room) and used the 12x24 inch tiles on both the bathroom floor and in the bathtub walls. Loved the consistency (had an accent niche) but I"m thinking we can't get away with such large tiles (also, this tub will just have the white tub front... not tiled). Would love suggestions! Sharing our master for inspiration :) Thanks in advance!

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