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Is this tile job acceptable for a "top of the line" remodeling company

7 months ago

I hired a reputable remodeling company to redo our shower, and I haven't been impressed with the tile work. They are not cheap, so I am surprised at the lack of skill or care (imo) that I am seeing. I know I am picky, but I feel like some of the work is just not up to par. There are some examples:

  1. The tiles being cut to fit against the ceiling are not straight (each tile has a different height) — the tiler claims the caulk will take care of this.
  2. The tile cut to fit a shower niche cutout is off by a little over 1/16 of an inch from top to bottom. I know it's small but it's obvious to the eye the piece is wider at the bottom when looking straight on. Again, I know if I point this out, he'll say that once the bullnose is placed on the inside of the niche and grouted, it won't be noticeable (will see I guess)
  3. The wall tiles are not all flush — a few pieces are recessed while a few are protruding; overall probably a handful in a small shower, but still noticeable to me. I have a feeling if I point this out, I'll again get the "grout will fix it" speech.

I would appreciate some feedback from homeowners and pros alike. Thanks much!

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