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Building a WareHome

Jeremy Zongker
8 months ago

I'm playing with the idea of basically building a 80'x120'x20' insulated warehouse for my retirement home and recreating a mock small town in it (a "restaurant" for the kitchen, an "office", "movie theater", etc). Before I go too far down the rabbit hole on designing the exact layout, I'm trying to figure out if there's anything that would prevent this from being built. Primarily regulations.

I'm not ready to take actual plans to the county yet, just in concept can you legally build essentially a warehouse for a home as long as it's on an acre or two of land outside of a neighborhood. Is this a thing that others have done? Any chance of doing this within a city or would I have to move somewhere without a building code?

Is buying an existing abandoned warehouse and attempting to get it rezoned as residential practical?

I realize this is going to be very pricey for 9600 square feet. The median price per square foot here $100, so I'm hoping I can keep this within $100-150/sqft.

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