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indoor setup for now (fingers crossed)

Kevin -zone 4b
9 months ago

Cold weather has set in, I left my trees outside till end of october. after that I gradually acclimated them to the attached garage and then the house.
I have a calamondin in the southern window. its too large for my setup. It will suffer this winter but will live lol.
My 2 babies are my valencia orange who's gotten pretty large this summer and my ponderosa who I left for dead this spring and rewarded me with 3 growth flush (it was only a branch with no leaves)
my rudimentary setup for now is two 80W (500w equivalent) garage lights strung tho the ceiling under my staircase.
I measure sixty thousand lumen at the top of the canopy and 12 thousand on the lower leaves.
The trees now think its spring and both are budding out. wohoo.
The trees

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